Setting up pyro

You can clone pyro from github:

The following python packages are required:

  • numpy

  • matplotlib

  • numba

  • h5py

  • pytest (for unit tests)

The easiest way to install python is via PyPI using pip:

pip install pyro-hydro

Alternately, you can install from source. From the pyro2/ directory, we do:

pip install .

This will put the main driver,, in your path, and allow you to run pyro from anywhere.

If you intend on directly developing the solvers, you can instead do:

pip install -e .

This will allow you to modify the python source without having to reinstall each time something changes.

Quick test

Run the advection solver to quickly test if things are setup correctly: advection smooth inputs.smooth

You should see a plot window pop up with a smooth pulse advecting diagonally through the periodic domain.