Pyro developed by (in alphabetical order):

  • Alice Harpole

  • Ian Hawke

  • Michael Zingale

You are free to use this code and the accompanying notes in your classes. Please credit “pyro development team” for the code, and please send a note to the pyro-help e-mail list describing how you use it, so we can keep track of it (and help justify the development effort).

If you use pyro in a publication, please cite it using this bibtex citation:

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pyro benefited from numerous useful discussions with Ann Almgren, John Bell, and Andy Nonaka.


The original pyro code was written in 2003-4 to help developer Zingale understand these methods for himself. It was originally written using the Numeric array package and handwritten C extensions for the compute-intensive kernels. It was ported to numarray when that replaced Numeric, and continued to use C extensions. This version “pyro2” was resurrected beginning in 2012 and rewritten for numpy using f2py, and brought up to date. Most recently we’ve dropped f2py and are using numba for the compute-intensive kernels.