Contributing and getting help


Contributions are welcomed from anyone, including posting issues or submitting pull requests to the pyro github.

Users who make significant contributions will be listed as developers in the pyro acknowledgements and be included in any future code papers.


Creating an issue on github is a good way to request new features, file a bug report, or notify us of any difficulties that arise using pyro.

To request support using pyro, please create an issue on the pyro github and the developers will be happy to assist you.

If you are reporting a bug, please indicate any information necessary to reproduce the bug including your version of python.

Pull Requests

Any contributions that have the potential to change answers should be done via pull requests. A pull request should be generated from your fork of pyro and target the main branch.

The unit and regression tests will run automatically once the PR is submitted, and then one of the pyro developers will review the PR and if needed, suggest modifications prior to merging the PR.

If there are a number of small commits making up the PR, we may wish to squash commits upon merge to have a clean history. Please ensure that your PR title and first post are descriptive, since these will be used for a squashed commit message.


We use github discussions: for support. You are encouraged to post in the discussions to ask questions.